Mission Control is a recording altimeter for high-power rocketry.

Programmable and Ready To Fly
Single or Dual Deployment, with or without Airstart

The MCv3 provides the functionality for complex projects as well as the weekend launch.

Mission Control can be reset to this standard configuration easily without connecting it to a PC.
USB for uploading configuration and downloading flight data, no battery required. USB drivers for Macintosh, Windows and Linux included.


4 Pyro/Data Channels
±50g Accelerometer, 15 to 115kpa Barometric (±120g is available by special order).
Temperature sensor.
Protection Diode to prevent pyro’s from firing if power is applied reversed.
512KB non-volatile memory, 8 min. flight, 50min GPS and ADC channels.
Records GPS $GPGGA data: Time, Longitude, Latitude, Fix, Satellites and Altitude (GPS Receiver not included).
Telemetry Output (Same baud rate as GPS, shares serial port with GPS)

State machine based programming
Events: Acceleration > Threshold, Acceleration < Zero, Absolute Velocity > Threshold, Absolute Velocity < Threshold, Velocity < Zero,
Altitude > Threshold, Altitude < Apogee, Altitude < Threshold, Aux Channel Open, Aux Channel Closed, and Timeout.

Included: MCv3 Altimeter, USB Cable, Wiring Connections, Piezo Buzzer, Mounting Hardware, Drivers and Manual. (Software is compatible with Windows, MAC & Linux Based Computers).

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